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Voice lock screen


Hi and welcome to voice lock screen applicationPlease check description and please dont forget to rate our app by your 5 stars ! Thank you...This is an amazing application which allow you to unlock your phone screen with your own voice and any word choosen.Unlock your phone with your voice ! Look cool by unlocking your phone with voice commands. Are you frustrated with your friends or your parents who always wants to look at your phone. If yes, then this is the application for you. Alternative form of unlocking is also available through application settings.How it workd: its so easy1- on Set voice Lock button you will choose and save you voice also a word and enable it . Set your own voice password2- you can set a backup Pin to unlock your phone ( this is for security )3- you can choose many voice themes for free4- and before start you can preview your themes* So Easy to use interface
Unlock the screen of your Android with voice ! Beautiful and customizable lock screen for any Android device. Set a voice password and use it to unlock your device. Alternative way for unlocking is also available. You can use your finger to unlock by simply touch the sound wave animation located in the center of the lock screen ! Set your own color and size for the time, date and power indicators. Super simple and easy to use interface. Remember that anyone who knows your password can unlock the device with his voice, so keep it in secret! Download now for FREE !
Modern era of technology is now all about smart phones. You can browse internet, play video games and check business emails using using your Smartphone. So, you have to secure your Smartphone from others through password. Leave old password like touch and type password. We have best application on Play Store with unique idea of voice lock application named as Voice Locker. Just speak your voice password and unlock your Smartphone. Now secure your Smartphone using our application Voice Locker. Voice Locker is safe and secure lock.